Prague 2019 Submission

Call for Papers
Join us in Prague for our 15th ISTVS Europe-Africa Regional Conference. September 8-11, 2019.

Call for Abstracts

All papers will be reviewed by the technical committee and those accepted will be included in the conference proceedings. We strongly encourage all authors to submit full papers, but will also accept oral presentations, for which only an abstract needs to be submitted.

Technical tracks for paper submission

The conference includes the following thematic tracks:

  1. Terramechanics, terrain/soil-wheel/tire/track interaction, modeling, and characterization
  2. Advances in mobility, energy transfer, efficiency, ground vehicle dynamics, safety
  3. Land locomotion, off-road and military vehicles, operation mud, snow, and ice
  4. Agricultural, forestry, construction, and mining equipment and vehicle operations
  5. Mobile robotics for ground applications, planet exploration and other environments
  6. Innovative system designs for terrain and road-vehicle applications
  7. Application of bionics engineering to terramechanics
  8. Terramechanics-based AI techniques and controls for autonomous mobility


The submissions process has four steps:

  1. Download abstract submission template — use to prepare your abstract

  2. Submit your abstract — on the EasyChair submission site, create an account and submit your abstract (submit abstract only at this stage)

  3. Download submission templates — use to prepare your paper, presentation, or poster:
    » download Template for Paper
    » download Template for Presentation
    » download Template for Poster

  4. Submit your paper — log in to the EasyChair system to update your submission there using the the “Update File” link to upload your paper, in PDF format.